So your fiancee finally proposed! How to Plan your wedding

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Congratulations you took the first steps by getting engaged, now what?

So your partner has finally proposed to you and you are now negotiating the minefield of the wedding supplier world. Every girl dreams of their wedding day as a child and it can be a daunting task to plan every spect of your wedding. Some couples simply decide to hire a wedding planner to arrange the whole day for them. Ofcourse there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, it certainly takes away all of the stress. But ever since you were little you had a picture in your head of how your wedding day would look. So hiring a wedding planner may not be the best idea if you want control of every little detail. So where do you start? Well there are literally thousands of different wedding suppliers just in Cheshire alone. From cake makers, djs and ofcourse one of the most important, the wedding photographers! Suppliers come in all shapes and sizes. But be extremely careful choosing them. There is big money in the wedding industry and many scam suppliers are around to happily take your money and then never hear from them again. So how do you know who to trust. Look for recommendations for family or friends who have recently been married. Google the suppliers name and look for their reviews.

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Lets back track a little, first things first. Before you go running around signing up suppliers, make sure to book your date. Wedding venues are typically booked very quickly and often years in advance. Decide on the type of wedding you would like, be it a castle, church hotel or even a barn. There are so many diverse wedding venues in Cheshire you really are spoilt for choice. A quick search through different websites will reveal the top rated venues. There are literally hundreds just in the North West and Greater Manchester. From the beautiful Peckforton Castle to the scenic views that Shrigley Hall Hotel provides. Ofcourse each place has a maximum capacity so make sure it is big enough to cater for all of your guests. Make sure to attend local wedding shows and go along to see the venues to get a feel for them. Have a look though various photographers sites also helps. Have a look at this Ashfield House wedding by Leonardo Photography Studios. I always like to browse though the photos to get ideas for centre pieces and room decor etc.

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Once you have found the place for your wedding day and booked it, its time to find the other suppliers. Make sure to stay safe and only book established suppliers who have a good reputation in the industry. Its your special day, the last thing you want is to be a victim of a poor supplier (there are lots!) First things to book are the wedding photographers, videographers, registrar and venue. These all get booked up quite far in advance and can be secured with a small deposit. Make sure to get a written contract from all of your suppliers. Most of all enjoy your planning and have a great wedding day.