Winter 2011 Wedding Photography

Winter is the perfect time for your wedding day

Brides always wonder what time of the year is the best for their wedding day. Wedding season traditional runs from June through to September, but with the changing British climate, this is not necessarilly true anymore. In fact these tend to be the wettest months in which to get married. If you want a lots of sunshine on your wedding day, then you may be better having your day in April or May. These months tend to be warmer. If you want something a little but more special like a winter wonderland wedding, why not try the Winter months. October through to January tend to be the coldest, snowiest months of the year. Also by getting married in these months you can usally take advantage of big discounts by suppliers. Most wedding venues for example will give you a huge discount on your day which means you can spend the money in other areas. For example if you didnt think you could afford a professional wedding photographer, maybe now you could. Browse through a couple of our favourite winter photos below. You can view more of this photographers work at Ashfield House Wedding

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